Renewable Energy

Energy obtained from sources that are essentially inexhaustible and naturally replenished, unlike, for example, the fossil fuels, of which there is a finite supply. Renewable sources of energy include wood, waste, geothermal, wind, photovoltaic, and solar thermal energy.


What is Biomass?

Biomass is fuel produced from wood, forest and agricultural crops and wastes. The most common wood-based biomass fuels are:
Wood Logs - Usually sourced locally from woodlands.
Wood Pellets - The compacted sawdust from wood manufacturing These are available through some suppliers in the UK as well as being imported from Europe.
Wood Chips - Can be a woodland product or a waste product from manufacturing.

An alternative to wood based fuel is Miscanthus or "Elephant Grass". The rapid growth, low mineral content, and high biomass yield of Miscanthus make it a favorite choice as a biofuel. When burnt the resulting CO2 emissions are equal to the amount of CO2 that the plant used up from the atmosphere during its growing phase, and thus the process is greenhouse gas-neutral, if one does not consider any fossil fuels that might have been used in planting, fertilizing, or harvesting the crop, or in transporting the biofuel to the point of use.

How does it function?


ETA SH 20-60 kW sectional view

1) Fuel chamber
2) Heating doors
3) Glow zone chamber
4) Primary air actuator
5) Secondary air actuator
6) Ash collection channel
7) Lambda probe
8) Heat exchanger with cleaning turbulators
9) Cleaning lever
10) Draught ventilator
11) Exhaust gas temperature sensor
12) Control board
13) Insulated front door

Biomass Boilers

A modern biomass boiler, such as an ETA or ATMOS biomass boiler, converts fuel (in the form of logs, wood chips, pellets miscanthus) to heat the home or commercial premises, efficiently and conveniently.

Thermatech Ltd can provide a wide range of biomass based heating solutions and has experience with both ETA and ATMOS. We may recommend ETA for particular site and customer specifications, however these boilers are a top of the range product and are priced accordingly. We also install ATMOS, as an alternative, more affordable, mid-range product. Thermatech Ltd can install combinations of Biomass and solar hot water and/or PV panels. If you would like to discuss a Biomass boiler installation please contact us.


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