Renewable Energy

Energy obtained from sources that are essentially inexhaustible and naturally replenished, unlike, for example, the fossil fuels, of which there is a finite supply. Renewable sources of energy include wood, waste, geothermal, wind, photovoltaic, and solar thermal energy.

Solar Hot Water

Solar water heating systems work by absorbing solar energy. The energy is transferred from the solar panel to heat the water in your hot water cylinder. Highly efficient, completely controllable and low maintenance, a solar water heating system is easiest to install if you already have a conventional ‘system’ or ‘regular’ boiler and could provide a large percentage of your annual hot water from a clean, renewable source of energy.

How it works

In order to heat water using solar energy, a collector is fastened to the roof of a building, or on a wall facing the sun. In some cases, the collector may be free-standing. The working fluid is either pumped (active system) or driven by natural convection (passive system) through it.
A simple water heating system would pump cold water out to a collector to be heated, the heated water flows back to a collection tank. This type of collector can provide enough hot water for an entire family.

When a solar hot-water system and central heating hot-water system are used in conjunction there is a choice of two system designs. The first and, in our opinion, the best is to use a pre-heater cylinder that then feeds the central heating hot-water cylinder. This will allow for greater efficiency throughout the year and during the winter will reduce the amount of heat your boiler/GSHP etc will have to produce to raise the domestic hot-water to a standard temperature.
The second option is to install a twin coil cylinder with a lower coil for the solar hot-water and the upper coil for the central heating hot-water. This is often an option if there is a lack of space for two cylinders however this option will not give the efficiency savings of the two cylinder system during the winter months.
However, the main need for central heating is at night when there is no sunlight and in winter when solar gain is lower. Therefore, solar water heating for washing and bathing is often a better application than central heating because supply and demand are better matched.

Thermatech Ltd can install both in-roof and on-roof solar systems in a variety of formats and sizes to suit each situation and customer requirements. The majority of our installations have incorporated Schuco products, due to their high specification and quality, however we will consider any other manufacturer's product if requested. Due to the versatility of Schuco products we can offer a combined installation of solar hot water and photo-voltaics in a single kit. For more information aboout solar hot water, or to discuss your project please contact us.

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